About Amy


Big steaks, big men, no trouble here…that’s the place for me…I’m going to Texas. Yeah. Yeah.

This is a spoof of Chris Rea’s song Texas. If you haven’t heard it, you should.  I heard the song when I was in college at USC in Los Angeles, and it made me wax nostalgic. I missed Texas. I moved back here as soon as I could. Although Larry McMurty has probably told every story you ever want to read about Texas, I’ll give y’all my feminine opinion.

Commonly known facts about me:  I grew up in a small Texas town, Bellville.  I know how to play the piano.  I graduated third in my high school class. I have a: B.S. in History, USC; M.S. in Curriculum & Teaching, USC; M.Ed. in  Counseling & Guidance, Texas State. In high school, I had the second fastest time in the nation in the 800M, which earned me a full track & field scholarship to USC. At USC I ran Cross Country (All-American in 1989) and the 800M. In 2010 I was selected to the UIL Girls Track & Field All Century Team for the 800M. My brother, Hunter Goodwin, played in the NFL for 8 years with the Minnesota Vikings and the Miami Dolphins. My father, Bob Goodwin, was in Darrell Royal’s first football recruiting class at the University of Texas, 1957.  My mother, Anne Goodwin, was “Woman of the Year” at Texas Tech. Currently, I am a middle school counselor in Austin, Texas.

Lesser Known Facts:  The fastest time I ran in high school was in Sweden, where women hit me and tried to push me off the track.  The left scar on my knee is from dropping my college refrigerator on it.  I was third in my high school class largely because I dropped out of trigonometry and took home economics.  My college graduation coincided with the Rodney King riots-I had to evacuate my dorm room, but I still had to take my finals.  I failed my driver’s test the first time I took it, because I hit a cone while trying to parallel park my dad’s new Chevrolet truck.  Neil Diamond was my favorite concert.  I once went on a ride-along with a police officer and witnessed the arrest of an elementary school teacher and her dog. I have been to the home where Pablo Escobar was shot.